Top 6 Best Ryobi Pressure Washers (Review Guide 2021)

Best Ryobi Pressure Washers

Best Ryobi Pressure Washers

Home cleaning is a hectic job and none of us enjoy removing dirt, dust, or stains since they are obstinate and need a great amount of hard work to clean. However, there is one way you can make things easier and convenient for you while bringing some fun to this job, by getting the best quality pressure washer! When the discussion is about the best pressure washer brands, Ryobi is among the most reliable and popular ones.

In this best Ryobi pressure washers review guide 2021, we have reviewed 6 of the top-rated pressure washers by Ryobi. Before we begin, here below are a couple of things that you must consider before buying a pressure washer. Since choosing the ideal pressure washer for the home can be difficult and tricky, therefore, you must know things before making any buying decision to make the right one!

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Pressure Washer

Built-In Detergent Tank:

If you are willing to use soap or any other kind of detergent for pressure washing then consider buying a pressure washer that must have a built-in detergent tank.

Nature Of Cleaning Surface:

As a user, you must be aware of the nature of the surface that you want to clean. For light-duty cleaning, you will need a pressure washer of 1300 to 1900 PSI while for medium-duty cleaning, you should get a pressure washer of 2000 to 2800 PSI. However, for heavy-duty needs, you should consider buying a commercial grade pressure washer.  

Flow Of Water Supply:

Another essential and important things that you must check out in a pressure washer before buying is that it must have a good flow of water supply. Also, consider buying a pressure washer that must have a ground fault interrupter built into its cord.

Budget & Quality:

The budget you have for buying a pressure washer greatly impacts your buying decision so you need to first consider your budget to check out the best possible options that you can grab. Being on a low-budget doesn’t mean you don’t have any good options available. You can get a great pressure washer deal even if you are on a budget.  

Top 6 Pressure Washers BY Ryobi For 2020

1. Ryobi RY141900 Electric Pressure Washer

Ryobi RY141900 Electric Pressure Washer

Our first pick for the best Ryobi pressure washer is the Ryobi RY141900 electric pressure washer that is the most powerful electric pressure washer that you can buy for house and driveway cleaning. This high-end pressure washer features a 13-amp electric motor that offers you a power of up to 2000 PSI.

When it comes to usability, this multi-purpose pressure washer cleaner is simple to use and is ideal for medium to large home cleaning tasks. Furthermore, you can use it for professional or even commercial cleaning. Another great thing about this top-rated surface cleaner pressure washer is that it is good enough for cleaning almost all the home and garden areas and not robust enough to damage fragile items.

You can also use this electric powered pressure washer for washing any of your vehicles such as car or motorbike.  Moreover, this model can be used on various kinds of surfaces and is effective enough to remove even the toughest of stains. This product is also a lightweight one so you won’t find any difficulty in moving it while cleaning an area!


  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Model Number: RY141900
  • PSI Offered: Up to 2000
  • Item Weight: 32 pound
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Item Dimensions: 16.5 x 19.2 x 34 inches
  • Warranty: Limited 3-year warranty for machine parts

Salient Features:

  • Powerful 13-Amp motor
  • Offer good pressure
  • Don’t create much noise
  • Removable detergent tank
  • Durable roll-cage frame
  • Also includes a turbo nozzle for 50% more efficiency


  • Easy to use
  • Durable structure
  • Lightweight body
  • Can wash a variety of different surfaces (including windows, decks, and other areas)


  • Might face irregularity of pressure after some time


2. Ryobi RY141612 1,600 PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Ryobi RY141612 1,600 PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Looking for the best portable pressure washer for car and house cleaning? Then give this Ryobi RY141612 electric pressure washer, at least one try and you won’t get disappointed. This electric pressure washer model by Ryobi is one of the best ones that the brand has to offer.

Not only this quality pressure washer has a compact design but it also very lightweight compared to other models from the brand. The lightweight of this model makes it super-portable to move around easily.

Just like the previous model, the RY141612 pressure washer is also equipped with a 13 Amp motor that offers you a reasonable 1600 PSI force. The model is just the ideal pressure washer if you want to clean patio furniture, decks, or even the windows of your home. Additionally, it has integrated accessory storage along with a detergent tank to offer you a hassle-free cleaning experience.  


  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Model Number: RY141612
  • PSI Offered: Up to 1600
  • Item Weight: 17 pound
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Item Dimensions: 12.5 x 10 x 9.5 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Salient Features:

  • 13-Amp electric motor
  • Flawless performance
  • Lightweight & portable design
  • Offers on-board storage
  • Includes 3 interchangeable nozzles for 50% faster & efficient cleaning


  • Very easy to use
  • Super easy to setup
  • Affordable product
  • High-tech features
  • Can clean all types of cars and motorcycles


  • Has a large plug that is difficult to connect with an external power outlet


3. Ryobi RY14122 1700 PSI Pressure Washer

Ryobi RY14122 1700 PSI Pressure Washer

The Ryobi RY14122 electric pressure washer is our third pick in this list of the best Ryobi pressure washer. This model deserves the third spot in this list for all the right reasons and it can be used for a number of domestic purposes including outdoor surface cleaning and others.

This model is specially designed to offer a balance between power and portability to make it a great electric pressure washer for all your needs. The pressure washer is not just super convenient to use but it also offers you efficient cleaning. Another great thing about it is that its motor makes almost no sound during the operation and you only need a single switch to get things started.

Moreover, this model features a 1.2 GPM compressor that offers you a power of 1700 PSI that is sufficient enough to clean most of the surfaces in your home without facing any difficulty. The pressure washer also comes up with 3 interchangeable nozzle heads to offer you flexible cleaning options.   


  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Model Number: RY14122
  • PSI Offered: Up to 1700
  • Item Weight: 32 pound
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Item Dimensions: 17.3 x 17.8 x 18 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Salient Features:

  • Offers intense cleaning for tough and even paintless surfaces
  • Offers reasonably good pressure
  • Superb mobility
  • Onboard storage
  • Robust steel tubing frame
  • foam-padded fixed handle for an easy and comfortable grip


  • Simple using mechanism
  • Durable body
  • Easy to carry around
  • Offers trigger lock mechanism


  • Comes up with fewer nozzles compared to other models from Ryobi
  • High-noise levels


4. Ryobi RY80544 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Ryobi RY80544 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

The Ryobi RY80544 pressure washer is our first pick for the best gas pressure washer by Ryobi in the list. This high power gas pressure washer is just the right item for you to buy if you want a durable pressure washer for cleaning, no matter on the commercial or domestic level.

This affordable gas pressure washer is equipped with a 212 CC gas engine that is powerful enough to offer you an incredible 3100 PSI pressure. Moreover, the 2.5 GPM pressurizer offers you fast and quality cleaning to get rid of even the most stubborn dirt, making it the best quality pressure washer for the money.

The game-changing feature in this pressure washer model is that it uses idle down technology. The use of this technology not only keeps the operation volume of the engine very less for a quiet operation but it also helps in reducing fuel consumption to a great extent.


  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Model Number: RY80544
  • PSI Offered: Up to 3100
  • Item Weight: 69.9 pounds
  • Engine: 212 cc Ryobi 4-stroke OHV
  • Item Dimensions: 35 x 19 x 21 inches
  • Warranty: Limited 3-year warranty for machine parts

Salient Features:

  • Commercial-grade pressure washer
  • Idle down technology for efficient fuel saving
  • Longer engine life
  • Impeccable water flow
  • On-board accessory storage
  • Sturdy aluminum pump


  • Enables you to clean even painted and fragile surfaces
  • Reduced noise
  • Effective spot cleaning of hard to reach areas
  • Safety of operation (enhanced by thermal relief valve)
  • Automatic soap dilution mechanism


  • Has a heavy weight


5. Ryobi 2,300 PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Ryobi 2,300 PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer

The 2,300 PSI Ryobi electric pressure washer must be your pick if you want to buy a heavy-duty pressure washer on a good budget. This model is capable enough to handle almost all of your home cleaning tasks. Not just it is equipped with powerful components but it also offers you unprecedented features that make it one of the most versatile pressure washers to use on a variety of surfaces.

With a powerful brushless 13 Amp electric motor along with pressure technology, this model can offer you the desired cleaner washing results. The 2,300 PSI force that this pressure washer offers, makes it the right for you to buy for cleaning all your home surfaces. Moreover, there are bonus turbo nozzles with this item that help in increasing boosting the cleaning power by 50%.

The 25 ft. hose of this best-rated Ryobi electric pressure washer comes very handy in accessing various washing areas easily. Furthermore, this model is up to the PWMA efficiency standards so it’s a completely reliable pressure washer that you can get for a great price.


  • Brand: Ryobi
  • PSI Offered: Up to 2300
  • Item Weight: 18 Pounds
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Item Dimensions: 21 x 19 x 19 inches
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Salient Features:

  • Brushless motor technology for excellent performance
  • 12-inch wheels for extreme mobility
  • Comes up with turbo nozzles for up to 50% faster cleaning
  • On-board detergent tank for easy soap application
  • Hand-truck design to offer convenience to the user
  • Can be used for several hours straight


  • Simple controls
  • Offer good mid-rate pressure
  • Affordable price
  • Super easy to use (no technical knowledge required)
  • Perfect for both building maintenance and car washing


  • Not good for heavy-duty cleaning tasks


6. Ryobi RY802900 Gas Pressure Washer

Ryobi RY802900 Gas Pressure Washer

The last item in the list but not least is the Ryobi RY802900 gas pressure washer that is probably the best Heavy-duty gas powered pressure washer available in the market. This model by Ryobi is designed for larger home cleaning tasks. The extraordinary 2.3 GPM pressurizer that this pressure washer has, can offer up to 2900 PSI pressure that will do enough for most of your home cleaning needs.

You will also get a pair of Toucan City safety glasses with each purchase of this model for making your eyes safe from debris and other elements while cleaning. This item is also equipped with mighty 12-inch wheels that make it convenient to move around for outdoor cleaning.

Moreover, this pressure washer has a truck style frame that makes it even easier to move around for cleaning those areas that are harder to reach. You can buy this model for both domestic cleaning tasks and industrial cleaning projects.  


  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Model Number: RY802900
  • PSI Offered: Up to 2900
  • Item Weight: 53 lbs
  • Engine: 173 cc Ryobi 4-stroke OHV
  • Item Dimensions: 23.5 x 21 x 21 inches
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Salient Features:

  • Classic pull start mechanism
  • Enables spot cleaning of reaching far-away areas
  • Perfect for cleaning of delicate surface
  • Up to 0.25 gallon of gasoline can be stored in the fuel tank
  • Robust steel tubing frame for longevity


  • Durable hand-truck design for a comfortable grip and easy portability
  • Offers onboard storage so that you can be fully prepared for the cleaning job
  • Trigger lock safety mechanism
  • 5-in-1 quick-change-over nozzle for comprehensive cleaning


  • Might have pressure maintaining issues

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1- What is the most reliable electric pressure washer?

There have been many great electric pressure washers available in the market that you can consider buying. However, if you are on the quest for the most reliable electric pressure washer, no other model cab beat the RY141900 electric pressure washer by Ryobi. With a powerful motor, durable roll-cage frame, and turbo nozzle, RY141900 is the best option that you can get!

2- Are Ryobi pressure washers any good?

Ryobi is without any doubt has the best line of pressure washers. The pressure washers by Ryobi do not just offer you impeccable cleaning but they also offer you a longer warranty compared to other competitors. With heavy-duty motors, durable wheels, and a longer hose, Ryobi pressure washers are good enough to complete all your home cleaning needs.

3- Is gas pressure washer better than electric?

Well, both have their own perks, gas pressure washers offer you higher pressure and flow rates so they can clean faster compared to electric pressure washers. However, when it comes to pricing, electric pressure washer are usually less expensive compared to gas. Moreover, they are more lightweight compared to gas presser washers. So if you want to have convenience, go for the electric pressure washer and if you need high power and performance, a gas pressure washer would be an ideal one to buy!

4- What is the best PSI for a pressure washer?

Well, that depends on your needs and the surface that you want to clean. In general, a pressure washer with a 1300 to 2400 PSI is thought to be the best for many of the home cleaning jobs. However, if you want to complete a heavy-duty cleaning job then you can go for a higher PSI.

5- Which is better Ryobi or GreenWorks pressure washer?

Well, when it comes to the best one, both are great in their own ways! However, Ryobi has an edge over GreenWorks when it comes to durability and lightweight. Another great reason why Ryobi pressure washer should be your pick is that it offers you better after-sales service and its spare parts are also easily available in the market.

6- Who sells Ryobi power washers?

Well, Ryobi itself sells its complete range of power washers that are listed on the official Amazon store of Ryobi. You can simply visit the Ryobi Amazon store and buy the best pressure washer surface cleaner, according to your needs.

7- Are electric pressure washers any good?

Electric pressure washers are just the ideal pressure washers for all your home cleaning tasks. Not just they are lightweight and offer you more portability but they also have the tendency to clean even the toughest of dirt off the surface easily, without making any damage.  

8- What kind of soap can you use in a Ryobi pressure washer?

Well, you can use dish soap to clean any surface with a Ryobi pressure washer. Simply add a reasonable amount of dish soap with water and spray it on the surface that you want to clean, that’s it!

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