Best Tires for Sports Cars 2021

We tested the Bridgestone Potenza Sport tire: sportiness for everyday
Although they are all black and round, there are many types of tires. The Potenza Sport is designed for daily use in normal sports cars, but also in high-performance cars.

Sometimes when you hear the concept sports tire, you imagine an almost racing tire that offers the maximum dry grip for a life of just 5,000 km. And this can be the case in the case that they are used regularly on the track, and it can even happen with some semislicks even if they only circulate on the road at a ‘light’ pace, so to speak.

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However, tire brands have other types of sports models that are much more than that. They are designed to be used daily, so they must multiply that duration of the 5,000 km to less than three times and, although they offer superior grip in the dry, they must also comply with note when it rains, they must prevent fuel consumption from skyrocketing. In addition, there is another very important aspect that is often not talked about: the feel of the tire, that ability it must have to inform the driver of how much he has left to start sliding, to notice the differences in grip between various types of asphalt, etc.

In all these sections, one of the ones that we have liked the most in recent years, both for specialized journalists and drivers of this type of car, is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 y 4S. And, as with car brands, tire brands are also very sensitive to the tastes and preferences of drivers. So, if one thing works, well, I’m not telling you to copy it … but you already understand me.

Power Sport Jarama 2007

After our first contact with him nuevo Bridgestone Potenza Sport, Our sensations at the wheel of different cars in a day at the Madrid El Jarama circuit are very similar to the ones that can be obtained with the aforementioned Michelin model, something that was not previously the case with tires like Potenza RE050A or S001.

Now him Sport Power It offers greater grip and braking capacity in the wet, but it has also gained in progressivity when starting to slide, something that allows approaching the grip limits of the tire and, therefore, of the car, is easier. Now, it conveys more confidence, and since everything happens more smoothly and calmly, the driver also has more time to assimilate all the torrent of information that these tires manage to transmit. Without a doubt, an excellent result.

Ok, but which one is better?

Surely, if you have read this far, you are wondering which one we are left with, if with the Bridgestone Potenza Sport or the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (or 4S, which is a slightly sportier variant than the 4 ‘just’) . Well, at the moment, we cannot tell you exactly, because we need to travel more kilometers by road with them to have clearer references. What we can say is that the first sensations of this contact have been very positive, and the Bridgestone Potenza Sport It has left us a great taste in our mouths. As for the price, if a Michelin Pilot Sport 4 en medida 225 / 45-18 We got them for around 160-170 euros, the same measure at Bridgestone Potenza Sport cost us around 140 euros.

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What are its secrets?

To improve grip both in the dry and in the wet, Bridgestone has greatly modified both the tread and the compound of the rubber and the structure of the tire itself. The most striking thing is the use of fewer transversal channels for the water and with a specific design. They have also worked on the carcass of the tire, with a new design and greater rigidity to ensure better stability in curves and, also, at high speed, as this tire is approved to circulate up to 300 km / h.

This also helps the steering response to be more precise and direct, improving driving feel. Finally, and according to test conducted by Bridgestone at TUV SUD, the Bridgestone Potenza Sport It has improved its mileage estimate by 10% compared to the same measure of the previous Potenza.

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