10 Reason Why Your Car Shakes When Accelerating At Low Speed

Car Shakes When Accelerating At Low Speed

Car Shakes When Accelerating At Low Speed

If you are experiencing that your car shakes when accelerating at low speed then it could be an indication of something serious. When a car starts getting older with time and it is also not getting that much maintenance then it starts vibrating.

The shaking of the car, while you drive at low speed, isn’t something that is usual and is different than a car that is experiencing vibration when stopped. So you should pay attention to it before it actually turned into a big problem.  

In this post, we will in detail discuss some of the possible issues that might be causing car shakes when you give acceleration to your car while driving at a low speed. You will also get solutions to each of the issues mentioned. So let’s start straight away!  

Why My Car Shakes When I Accelerate At Low Speed? 10 Possible Problems & Their Solutions

1. Damaged Inner CV Joint

Damaged Inner CV Joint

Each of the axles has a CV joint at the end and there are two kinds of joints that are inner joints & outer joints. Any kind of damage to the inner CV joint will result in the shaking of the car when you accelerate. In the worst situation, minor vibrations can be turned into violent shaking. The damage to the CV joint is usually due to tear in the joint boot. This will let water and dirt to get inside the boot and adulterate the grease that is used for the protection of splines inside.  


You can only resolve this problem by entirely replacing the damaged inner CV joint of the axle with a new one.

2. Unbalanced Tires

can unbalanced tires cause car shake when braking

Unbalanced tires are one of the most common reasons why you can experience car shaking while applying acceleration. For someone, who has recently installed new tires and is facing car shaking issues, it is most probably because of unbalanced tires. You can experience the shaking when you drive the car at a higher speed but you can also experience it at a low speed.


If you feel that your car is experiencing shaking due to unbalanced tires then you can simply take your car to the tire mechanic shop for the rebalancing of the tires.

3. Broken Motor Mounts

Broken Motor Mounts

Motor mounts are used to attach the engine of the car to the frame of the car. Motor mounts come very hands to minimize engine vibration so you don’t feel any shaking or vibration while driving the car. If any of the motor mounts somehow gets damaged or broken then you will experience excessive vibration in the car, even when you drive at low speed. In case if any of the motor mounts get broken, the other mounts have to bear the excessive load and they are likely to get damaged as well.    


The only thing you can do to resolve this problem is to replace the motor mount that is damaged or broken to stop your car from shaking!

4. Loose Lug Nuts

loose lug nuts car shaking

Another common reason behind the shaking of your car while accelerating can be loose lug nuts. If the lung nuts of any of the wheel get loosen somehow then the wheel will start wobbling, making the whole car starts shaking. If the lug nuts are left untightened then there are chances that your wheel will fall off while driving and that can cause an accident, even a deadly one.


To avoid lug nuts from loosening, make sure you are using the right size lug nuts. Furthermore, you need to ensure that every lug nut is properly tightened with a torque wrench. You can also use a lug nut wrench as an alternative if you don’t have a torque wrench.  

5. Stuck Brake Caliper

Stuck Brake Caliper

There are chances that your car is shaking due to some fault in the brake caliper of a wheel. That can be one of the reasons why your car is vibrating. The vibration will get intense when you accelerate at high speed and when the car stops, you will sense a burning odor from the car. You can easily tell which tire it is, simply by smelling the odor from where it is coming from.    


To resolve this issue, all you need to do is to clean and re-lubricate the parts from time to time. In case, if any of the brake components get failed then you have to replace that component with a new one.

6. Disconnected Vacuum Hose

Disconnected Vacuum Hose car

A disconnected or torn vacuum hose can be the culprit behind the shaking of the car during the drive. If the vacuum hose of the car somehow gets disconnected then the lack of air pressure will cause the sensors to get confused. As a result, there can be misfires, backfires, and other issues that make your car vibrate unusually.


Timely check all the vacuum hoses to ensure that they all are properly connected. Furthermore, check out if there aren’t any tears in them. If you find out that there are tears in the hoses then replace them with reliable silicone hoses for a long-lasting and durable solution.

7. Corroded Spark Plugs

Corroded Spark Plugs

Spark plugs that are corroded and dirty are also one of the reasons why your car is shaking when driving. The fouled up spark plug causes the engine to misfire and that ultimately result in the unusual vibration of the car. You can easily guess that the shaking problem is due to some problem in any of the spark plugs as it usually happens when the car is at a stop.


The solution to this problem is very simple. You only need to change the corroded spark plug with a new one to make your car run smoothly again!

8. Loose Wheel Bearing

Loose Wheel Bearing

Wheel bearings are used for greasing the car wheel to offer them protection against heat generation. With the passage of time, the wheel bearings become loose and due to that, you will start experiencing shakiness coming from the wheel.  


You can get the old, loose wheel bearings replaced with new ones to stop your car from vibrating due to shaking in the wheel.

9. Bent Axle

Bent Axle

If you have a minor car accident and you are thinking that everything is fine then you are probably wrong because there are damages that are unnoticeable. A minor car accident can cause the axle of the car to get bent, which can be serious and you may start experiencing that your car is vibrating whenever you apply acceleration.


If you are experiencing this issue then the best solution for you is to immediately replace the bent axle of your car with a new one before it causes any further damage.  

10. Radiator Fan:

Radiator Fan

If your car’s radiator fan is cracked or damaged then it might be the reason why your car is getting shakes. Though a cracked fan won’t disturb any of the motor operations, however, it may create unexpected vibrations that you will feel when driving the car. When you try to start the car, the radiator fan will also attempt to start but since it’s in a broken condition, you will feel that something is wobbling and creating vibration.


You can go to the mechanic and get the broken or damaged radiator fan of your car repaired. If the damage to the radiator fan can get a repair then you have to replace the radiator fan with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- What does it mean when your car shakes when you accelerate?

If your car shakes when you accelerate then loose or damaged engine mounts can be the underlying reason behind it. If your engine mounts are loose or damaged then they won’t be able to absorb the vibration produced by the cranking engine, causing the car to get shakes whenever you try to accelerate.

2- Why does my car shake at low RPMs?

There could be a great number of reasons behind the shaking of the car but if your car is shaking at low RPMs then one of the reasons why it’s happening can be due to some sort of fault in the air control valve that makes the engine idle, ultimately causing the motor to vibrate.  

3- Can transmission cause the car to shake?

Yes, transmission problems in a car can cause it to shake. The transitions between gears sometimes cause shaking at first and the situation can get even worse if the problem persists. However, cars with automatic transmission are more subtle in signals.

4- Is it safe to drive when your car is shaking?

If you are experiencing that your car is shaking excessively during the drive then don’t ignore this sign. It is difficult to say if it’s safe to drive or not while your car is shaking, without knowing the actual reason but in some cases, things can be dangerous so you better prefer not to drive.  

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