CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax Review

CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax Review

When you get your car professionally waxed, it can take up to eight hours, which is a long time to go without your vehicle. That protective coat layer can cost you more than $60 and a huge chunk of your day since you have no way to get to work.

What if you could do the waxing job yourself for a fraction of the price? Thankfully, CarGuys understands that not everyone has the means to wax their car professionally, so they made the tools available to you for personal use.

CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax Features

Everything you’ll need to wax your car comes with the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax. Keep reading for an in-depth look at how the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax can enhance your car’s shine and overall aesthetic.

About The Product

Within a 15-minute time span, your car will look shiny and brand new. That means you can personally complete a wax job for a fraction of the time it would take a professional to do it. Don’t forget that it’ll be for a fraction of the cost as well. Some notable features:

  • Comes in Two Sizes: 18 & 128 ounces
  • Streak Free Formula
  • Complete the Task in under 15 minutes
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

It’s always better to learn how to maintain your personal belongings so you don’t have to rely or waste your money on services you can perform yourself. The CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax is an ideal product to keep on you at all times.

With this particular spray car wax, all you need to do is spray on and wipe off the liquid with the microfiber cloth that comes with your order of the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax. As you can see, you truly have all the tools available to you.

Most buyers place the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax in their trunk just in case they need to perform an impromptu wax job.

What Others Say

Buyers rave about how easy it is to use the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax, which is a huge weight off your shoulders. Below we will be providing some tips as to how to properly use this spray car wax.

How To Use?

  • Shake the bottle before spraying
  • Spray the car wax directly onto your car. You want to work on a single section of your car at a time. Make sure not to overdo the spraying part
  • You’ll have to use a microfiber towel to wipe the car wax and then flip the towel onto its dry side
  • playUsing the dry side, you can buff the exterior to produce an immaculate shine



  • Anyone Can Use it
  • ​Ideal for an In-between Car Wax until you Seek a Professional
  • Lasts for Weeks
  • Non-Toxic Ingredients
  • Might Function Better as a Car Detailer

Buying Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, the shine that the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax is one of a kind. You can’t find any other car wax on the market that can provide the results that this car wax can.

CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax Back Side

This is because the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax comes with a new and improved chemical makeup that work at a molecular nano level. Such attention to detail will bring out the gloss of your car after just one waxing session.

Keep reading for some tips that you should adhere to before making your final decision.

No Abrasive Properties

Cheap spray car waxes tend to leave a visible residue on sections of your car that are porous and plastic. Such parts include your bumper, door trim, and body panels that are made out of plastic.

If you are new to car terminology, we will make this easy for you. These parts in your car typically come in color gray or black. Unfortunately, the newer your car is, the higher the chance that it contains large amounts of plastic.

Those whose car hits all those points, then you need to consider purchasing a car wax such as the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax. You’ll be glad to hear that this spray car wax scored very well in multiple buyers plastic compatibility test.

This means that you can forget about having to buy plastic cleaner to remove the wax that gets on the plastic parts of your vehicle.

When you spend countless hour waxing your car, all that’s left is to buff the wax off in the end. While you’re grabbing a towel to finish up the waxing job, you realize that both the plastic and rubber parts of your car have turned white.

As we said above, with the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax this will never happen to you. This is because it contains a unique formula that makes it suitable to apply onto any surface of your car. You can finally say goodbye to white residue and streaks.

Figure Out Which Type Of Wax Is Best For You

Before you jump the wagon and choose the first car wax you find online, you should know that there are three types of car wax available. The most popular one comes in the spray form, which is what the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax comes in.

Other types of car waxes are liquid and paste. The one that most buyers prefer tends to be spray because it is excellent for deep cleaning, producing a shiny gloss, as well as ease of use.

Keep in mind that spray car wax is easy to apply in an even manner, so you’ll have no problem getting the hang of it. After just one try, you’ll become a car waxing pro. This fact alone should you from purchasing the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax since a lot of first-time users highly recommend this product.

Where Can I Buy?

After taking a look at all the online vendors that are authorized to sell the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax, the one that you should depend on is Amazon. This is because Amazon offers the most variety when it comes to size.

CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax


If you merely want to give the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax a test run before you spend a massive amount of money on it, you can opt out to purchase the small bottle. An 18-ounce bottle is the smallest option that Amazon offers.

For those who prefer the 18-ounce spray car wax, you can purchase it from Amazon for less than $20. The 128-ounce option will cost you less than $50.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you decided to take matters into your own hands and ordered yourself the CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax. This is the optimal product to improve the condition of your car at an affordable price. Plus, one bottle of CarGuys Premium Hybrid Car Wax will last you several car waxes.

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