Chemical Guys Paste Wax Buyers Guide 2020

Welcome to our Chemical Guys Paste Wax Buyers Guide! This is a complete guide to all the paste waxes Chemical Guys manufactures.

Chemical Guys manufactures a variety of best paste car wax at all different price ranges and all different qualities to get the best result on YOUR car!

They make their paste wax for cars with the highest quality Brazilian carnauba paired with synthetic polymers and new technology to make their paste waxes perform better than any other carnauba paste car wax on the market.

They have a huge variety of best quality paste wax for every vehicle and every job, and we’ll gonna review each one so you know what it looks like, how it works, and the best qualities to work on your vehicle. Let’s review some of the best paste wax by Chemical Guys:

​​Chemical Guys XXX Hardcore Paste Wax

Let’s start with our best bang for the buck paste wax, that’s our Chemical Guys XXX Hardcore Pate Wax. Our Hardcore Paste Wax is great for someone looking to get in to the most durable paste wax, and for a quality wax to go on any vehicle

XXX Paste Wax uses a yellow Brazilian carnauba teamed with synthetic polymers, so it’ll give the shine and warm depth of natural Brazilian carnauba, but it uses synthetic polymers to help the longevity of the paste wax to protect any color vehicle. Yellow paste wax gives a warmer look, so it’s great on black cars, red cars, or dark blue cars, but it works on light color cars as well.

Brazilian yellow carnauba brings out the shine and depth of any color.

XXX Paste Wax is great bang for the buck for someone looking to start experiencing the high-quality results of Chemical Guys paste waxes.

​​Chemical Guys Wheel Guard

​Our next car wax is in the same price range, and this is our Chemical Guys Wheel Guard. Wheel Guard is a synthetic paste wax for best shine, designed to protect wheels and rims. If you have chrome, stainless steel, polished, painted clear coat, or powder coated rims, you can easily protect them using Chemical Guys Wheel Guard.

Wheel Guard is a unique synthetic high-temperature-resistant paste wax. This best rated auto paste wax resists heat and brake dust up to 70%, so brake dust will not stick to the wheel, and your rims will stay cleaner, for longer.

With a coat of Wheel Guard, your wheels will have the brightest shine as they resist contamination. These are great entry products to get in to paste waxes!

​Pete’s 53

​Let’s start with Pete’s 53. Pete’s 53 is a classic paste wax that is also among the best rated paste wax for cars. They produce this in limited numbers and editions, and they’re all sealed from the factory.

The unique color and feel of Pete’s 53 Paste Wax makes it truly special. Pete’s 53 is bottled hot; this is a poured carnauba. All of Chemical Guys’ paste waxes are poured by hand in California, which makes it a quality product.

Pete’s 53 is a white Brazilian carnauba paste wax, it uses white carnauba wax with crystal polymers. White carnauba gives a bright finish, and it’s great for dark colored cars, but looks exceptional on light colored cars like white, silver, yellow, light blue, light red–they look amazing with white carnauba wax.

This quick dry wax has no dry time, so you don’t have to wait for the carnauba to dry; you can spread it on, the crystal polymers bond to the surface for improved durability, and then you can wipe it off easily and quickly. It’s a great way to step up to the paste wax range.

Even though this is one of Chemical Guys’ best paste waxes for the dollar, it’ll protect your vehicle and give it that show car look that everybody loves.

It’s the longest lasting car paste wax and is also a great product for the price!

Chemical Guys 5050 Paste Wax

Let’s step it up to 5050. 5050 is a Concours style paste wax. Exotics and Luxury Magazine pegged 5050 as the best paste wax for the dollar. It competes with high end paste waxes, and gives a classic look.

They also produce 5050 in limited editions. You get a limited edition paste wax sealed in a tin. The tin box actually keeps the high quality paste wax looking better and staying fresh longer. 5050 is made all natural, it uses all natural oils inside the paste wax, it uses white Brazilian carnauba, as well as natural fruit and vegetable oils from exotic plants from around the planet!

Once you pop open the 5050 tin, you’re getting a white Brazilian carnauba wax infused with almond and fruit oils from Brazil. This easy to apply paste wax on car gives a smooth, original feel. It gives a bright look to all color finishes.

If you’re looking for a higher end wax that gives more glow, more shine, and more depth, and you want a great paste wax at a great price, 5050 is the one for you. It’s so exclusive that they only produce it during certain times of the year. If you’re looking to pick it up, go HERE to get the best price on 5050 Paste Wax.

​Synthetic Waxes

​We’re gonna move up to our synthetic waxes. Synthetic waxes use natural Brazilian carnauba teamed with synthetic polymers to further enhance shine and depth from the surface.


We make three synthetic hybrid waxes that combine natural carnauba with synthetic polymers for a bright shine to any color. This is Lava: the luminous glow infusion.

This wax is great for all colors, but it looks exceptionally well on yellow, silver, bright blues, reds, orange. It’s an amazing wax that brings out all natural shine.

This wax uses advanced Color Enhancing Technology. Color Enhancing Technology is a synthetic polymer that was developed at Chemical Guys. It bonds to the surface to magnify the color.

Once you use a paste wax like Lava, you’ll get an extremely smooth and bright finish on any color vehicle. This wax is poured in the pot hot and cooled slowly over time for a unique feel, unique application, and easy-on/easy-off removal.

You can use this by hand or machine for the ultimate versatility. Plus it’s designed to stand up to extreme heat, so if you live in the desert or hot climates, this is gonna be a great choice for you.

Works great on all colors, and gives a durable six months of protection with synthetic Color Enhancing Technology.


Let’s move up to White. White is one of their newest paste waxes, and White is designed to bring out the brightest shine specifically on white and light colored vehicles.

If you have a cream color, bright white, metallic white, or even bright silver color, White will look great on your vehicle. White has the same Color Enhancing Technology as Lava, it’s specially blended so it goes easily into the pot and has easy application. You can apply it by hand or machine using a microfiber, foam applicator pad, or foam buffing pad to spread by machine.

White gives a durable 6 months of protection as it enhances the finish. Furthermore, this paste wax will remove ugly swirl marks from the surface of your car. If you want to bring out the brightest shade of white, you can pick up our White paste wax. White is also the ultimate wax for UV protection and it also make your car safe from getting yellowish. So if you have a white car, over time it will yellow and discolor due to the sun. White Paste Wax has UVA and UVB blockers that will block out the sun and prevent yellowing and discoloration of your white paint.

It’s a great wax to use on white paint, and gives great protection with that show-winning shine.

Black By Chemical Guys

Let’s move in to Black. Black is an amazing wax. From the darkest of places shines the brightest of lights. We made Black for dark colored vehicles. It works on Black and dark colored vehicles, like jet-black, metallic black, dark gray, and metallic gray as well. Black comes in the pot with this seal which helps protect the wax, so it stays fresher longer.

This wax is almost like a putty consistency, so it’s really easy to apply by hand or machine, and it gives a durable 6 months of protection. It contains the same Color Enhancing Technology polymers as in Lava and White to bring out the best color of black.

It’s also gonna improve the finish for a brighter, crisper reflection. If you have a dark colored car, this is the no. 1 choice to go for. I recommend a coat of Black on your black vehicle.

Black protects your vehicle for up to 6 months in hot and cold climates, so it’s the best paste wax for black color cars.

Celeste Dettaglio v2

Now we’ll talk about our high end luxury paste waxes. High end paste waxes are an amazing type of wax if you have a show-winning car, or a high-end luxury vehicle that you want to get the most shine out of. We’ll start with our entry level luxury paste wax: Celeste Dettaglio v2.

Celeste Dettaglio v2 uses 100% pure Brazilian carnauba. Celeste Dettaglio paste wax comes sealed from the factory and individually numbered, and this is version 2.

V2 has more carnauba, more shine, and combines natural almond extracts with the wax. So it will go on smooth for a bright, awesome finish. This wax is actually hand-poured. These waxes are blended in smaller batches for more consistency, and a better product.

They’re poured in the pot hot, blended by hand, and created into this masterpiece.

Celeste Dettaglio works great on all colored finishes, and combines natural almond extracts and oils to give a warm, rich look. If you smell this best smelling car wax, you will find that it smells like a beautiful, fresh spring scent, so it’ll smell good as you apply it on the vehicle for the best results.

This is a great way to step up to luxury paste waxes, and it’s one of my favorite waxes.

E- Zyme

Now we’ll move up to an amazing premium wax, this is E-Zyme.

Chemical Guys’ E-Zyme is high up with high end luxury paste waxes. They make these in extremely small batches every year. They use a select amount of almond and fruit oil and vegetable extracts from all over the world to create this all natural paste wax.

E-Zyme is all natural: it uses all natural fruit and almond extracts to get that beautiful look. It uses natural yellow Brazilian carnauba, that’s why this wax is the yellowest of them all: it uses natural, unbleached carnauba.

Unbleached carnauba gives warm super-depth. If you have a dark red car, black vehicle, or show-winning car that needs that extra something, this is the pure beauty wax for you.

This is stepping away from protection with more focus on beauty. If you’re looking for a high end wax, this is the one for you. While the other waxes use synthetic polymers, E-Zyme is all natural, and gives the deepest look of all.

So I recommend E-Zyme if you want a super-wet deep shine. I like this on any color vehicle, it’ll look great on light or dark colored cars. Now we’ll step it up to our highest end luxury paste wax.

​Project J97

​This is the highest end wax that Chemical Guys offer.
Project J97 is made in extremely small batches for a limited number of customers. They make these in house in Los Angeles, blended by hand in small batches, and poured in the pot.

This wax has an extremely high content of Brazilian carnauba. Each wax contains different amounts of carnauba for different amounts of shine and protection.

Project J97 has the highest percentage of white Brazilian carnauba to give the most shine. We manufacture the case out of CNC machine billet aluminum. Our billet case is cut on a CNC machine, and it’s modeled to look like a motorcycle clutch case. It’s a really cool piece to have in your living room, or as a collector’s item for collecting carnauba paste waxes.

In our opinion, carnauba paste waxes are works of art, they’re made using specific materials, and all of them are made by hand using fresh fruit and Brazilian extracts. If you want the highest quality paste wax, Project J97 is just for you.

When you purchase the wax, you receive an Allen wrench and an applicator pad in a special case. Once you open up the top you can see the beautiful white J97 wax. This is made in house and poured by hand in small batches so you get the highest quality carnauba wax on the planet.

Show winners and detailing enthusiasts who detail amazing show vehicles around the world, including Pebble Beach Concours, and other world-class auto events use Project J97 to get the best look.

This wax has a unique o-ring built right into the lid, so you know you’re getting a tight seal so that your wax stays better for longer. The white Brazilian carnauba we use in J97 is an older form of the Brazilian carnauba tree, and we can only manufacture it for a few months out of the year due to restricted imports from Brazil. They blend it down into a unique masterpiece, work-of-art-wax that you can use on any vehicle.


​Now you’ve seen the full selection of Chemical Guys waxes!Always remember: have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Paste Wax Good For Your Car?

Paste wax is ideal for use if you have a new car and you want to protect its paint from getting any scratches and swirl marks. Moreover, paste wax offers you unprecedented gleam to make your car’s paint glow like it’s newly painted.  

Is Paste Car Wax Better Than Liquid Car Wax?

In terms of easy application, liquid car wax has an edge over paste car wax, however, what makes paste wax better than a liquid wax is that paste wax contains more solvents, making them more effective and ideal for removing dirt of the car surface and enhancing the shine of its old paint.  

Is Chemical Guys Paste Wax Good?

The Chemical Guys paste wax is among the best car paste wax options that you will currently find in the market. The paste wax by Chemical Guys is good enough to provide your car the perfect showroom shine that you won’t be able to get with any other paste wax. Moreover, the wax will increase the lifetime and durability of your car’s paint.

How Often Should You Wax Your Car With Chemical Guys Paste Wax?

A single application of any paste wax by Chemical Guys usually lasts somewhere between 3-6 months. To get maximum shine and durability, you need to maintain your car well and protect it from direct sun exposure and dust so that the paste wax won’t get removed soon.

What Are The Best Chemical Guys Products?

Some of the top car waxing products by Chemical Guys are Chemical Guys 5050 paste wax, Chemical Guys XXX hardcore paste wax, and Chemical Guys butter wet wax. The selection of these products has been made on the basis of customer reviews and popular buying choices online.

How To Use Chemical Guys Paste Wax?

First, you need to apply the Chemical Guys paste wax to an applicator pad and then apply the applicator pad firmly onto your car surface. Make sure to apply the wax on every part of your car’s paint. Once done let it dry!

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