Does Car Wax Removes Scratches? Everything You Need To Know!

Does Car Wax Removes Scratches

Does Car Wax Removes Scratches

For car owners, it is always a nightmare to see scratches on their car because they don’t want to have them especially when the car is brand new. Moreover, removing these scratches from the painted car surface is also a hassle for them since it’s often very difficult to analyze if the scratches on the car paint can be repaired at home or they have to take their car to a professional detailer. Even if they can repair the scratches on the car at home, there are still a number of questions that car owners and drivers have in their mind like what products they can use to hide scratches and does car wax removes scratches, etc.

In this article, we will try our best to answer out all the questions that you have in your mind regarding car scratches removal DIY and more specifically what makes scratches removed from the car paint. Is it a car wax, car scratch remover, or any other thing? So let’s find out!    

Are Car Wax Good Enough To Remove Scratches?

Well, it’s a thing that is very confusing for most people since they don’t know that there is a big difference between removing a scratch and hiding a scratch. Car wax is usually good enough to hide scratches, however, when it comes to removing scratches entirely from the car paint, car wax is normally not good enough.

A strong reason why we are saying this is that a car wax coat only fills the scratch so actually the scratch is still there and it will get exposed again after some time when the wax will wear off. So if you want to hide a scratch on your car paint only then a car wax is recommended!

What Changes Can A Wax Coat Brings To The Scratches On Your Car Paint?

When you apply a wax coat on the paint of your car it only hides the swirl marks and scratches from it. One thing you should know is that a car wax coat can only hide those scratches that are minor in nature. Those major scratches that are deep in nature won’t easily get hide by a car wax, therefore, it’s a better idea to take your car to a professional car detailer for a paint job to hide or remove those tough scratches.   

So What’s Next? How Can You Remove Scratches From Your Car?

Now, you know that a car wax certainly won’t remove scratches from your car so what’s the solution?

Well, it doesn’t matter if car wax can’t make the scratches removed, you can still remove the car scratches at home without going to a professional car detailer and spending hundreds of bucks on it.

However, to remove the scratches, you need a couple of car detailing tools and products such a buffer pads, compounds, polishes, and much more. Moreover, you need to spend a lot of time learning how to remove car scratches at home.

If you don’t have that much time to spend and you also want to have a flawless professional finish then it’s better to take help from an expert car detailer. You will need a reasonable budget for that but your car will look like a new one after that so it’s worth it!

What Is The Best Car Wax To Hide Scratches?




Meguiar's Ultimate Compound

Turtle Wax FG6900 Car Polish

3M Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can remove scratches from a car?

Certainly, car wax doesn’t remove scratches, they are only good for hiding them. So if you are looking to remove scratches then for an economical option, consider getting a car scratch remover to repair scratches at home. However, if you have enough budget then you can also for advanced detailing options such as a paint job to remove scratches.  

Can scratches be buffed out of a car?

Yes, scratches on a car can be buffed out but you need to understand that not all scratches can be buffed out. Only those scratches that are small and minor can be buffed out. If you have deep major scratches then they can’t be buffed out.  

Can you touch up scratches on a car?

Yes, you can touch up scratches on a car. You can either do it by applying a small dab of touch-up paint or wax. Touching up scratches on the car makes your old car full of scratches look like a flawless new one while also making it shine and glow.  

How do you fix a deep scratch on a car?

Well, you can’t simply fix a deep scratch on your car with a wax or scratch remover. Since they are deep enough that only a complete paint job can repair it for good and make sure you have a good budget for that!

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