How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery? A Brief Guide

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery

An uncharged or dead battery is one of the most common reasons why the car is not starting and it often is a concern for you as a driver. Especially, when you have no idea about how long does it take to charge a car battery?

In this article, we will comprehensively discuss all the things that you need to know to get your car battery charged to make your car start. So let’s start:

What Causes My Car Battery To Go Flat?

A car battery can go flat for a number of reasons such as a faulty battery that is not been able to charge, some sort of issue in the car’s electrical system that is causing the battery to drain, or vehicle lights being left on. However, there can be various other reasons too due to which your car battery might go flat such as corrosion or cold weather that is causing the battery to fail.

Which One Is Better: To Charge A Battery Or To Jump Start The Car?

Well, you can’t simply say which one is better as it completely depends upon the situation. In general, it’s better to get the battery recharged but in case of any emergency, it’s better to go for the jump start option.

When it comes to convenience and durability, car battery chargers are the best. Not just they give you better performance when it comes to charging the battery but they also save your time and money. So it’s always good to have a quality car battery charger along with you to avoid any inconvenience.

On the other hand, with jump start, you can charge your battery much faster than the battery chargers as it gives a quick surge of power and charge to the car battery. With jump start, you can easily get a 20 minutes power that would be good enough to take your car to the mechanic for charging.    

Top 10 Best Car Battery Chargers That You Can Buy To Charge Your Battery




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How Long Does It Actually Take To Charge A Car Battery?

The answer to this particular question varies depending on the condition of your car battery, the quality and performance of the charger you are charging the battery with, and many other factors. So to help you out with this question we have answered some of the most searched questions about the time that it takes to charge a battery.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Dead Car Battery?

Charging a dead car battery may take 4 hours at least, however, it can take even 24 hours. The time it takes to charge a car battery depends on the size of the battery and how powerful your car charger is.   

How long does it take to charge a car battery with a 12 volt charger?

Charging a car battery fully with a 12 volt charger will take around 12 to 24 hours depending on the situation. Since the battery sometimes gets hot during recharging so you need to stop charging it for some time until it gets to a normal temperature to start charging again.  

How Long Does It Take To Trickle Charge A Car Battery?

When it comes to car battery charging, trickle charging is probably the best option you can go for, for long-term use. The trickle charging method is ideal for those who don’t drive their vehicles very often but want to keep their car battery topped off. Usually, it takes 2 entire days to fully charge a car battery through trickle charging.

Moreover, the process of trickle charging is a lot slower compared to higher-amperage charging because trickle chargers only supply 1 to 2 amperes. Also, trickle charging doesn’t overcharge the battery so that’s the best thing about it.   

How Long Does It Take To Jump Start A Car Battery?

Jumpstarting a car battery is not an option that is recommended in a general situation, however, in case of any emergency you can opt for the jump start option. The time it takes to jump start a car battery can’t be exactly predicted. Nonetheless, it may take 2 minutes minimum and a maximum of 10 minutes or even 30 minutes in extreme cases.    

Things To Remember While Charging A Car Battery!

There are a couple of things that are good for you to know while charging a car battery, these are:

  • Charging a battery with a car battery charger enough that it can start the car engine will take around 2 to 4 hours.
  • Charging a normal car battery with a regular car charger of around 8 amperes can take 12 hours or even a whole day to fully charge it.
  • There are ways through which you can recharge your battery fast than the time that it usually takes but remember that it will damage the battery performance in the long run.
  • The best way through which you can increase the performance of your battery while maintaining its long life is by recharging it at a slow pace.


Even though a car battery is not very high maintenance and it also does its function without requiring much attention but you should still consider it important. As a car owner, it is your duty to check the performance and status of your car battery from time to time if you don’t want to be stuck in some place due to an uncharged or dead battery. Above, we have explained everything regarding the charging of car battery, we hope you will find it helpful!   

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long does a car have to run to charge a dead battery?

Usually, it will take around 30 minutes to charge a dead battery after you jump start. In thirty minutes, the alternator will sufficiently charge the battery of the car.

Can a completely dead battery be recharged?

Yes, there are ways through which you can recharge a completely dead battery. One of them is to jump start it to get it revived. You can also try reviving a dead battery by driving around the car.

How many miles do you need to charge a car battery?

The speed of charging a car battery depends on the RPM on which it is running. If the car is being driven on a motorway with high RPM then it will only take 30 minutes to get the battery completely charged. On the other hand, if you are driving in the city, the charging of the battery may take 1 hour or even more to be fully charged.  

Can you leave a car battery charger on overnight?

Yes, you can leave the car battery on charge overnight if you are using a reliable and high-quality charger. However, make sure that you are not charging the battery for more than 24 hours. Usually, a full car battery charge can be achieved by charging overnight so it’s totally safe and normal.   

Does battery charge while idling?

Yes, the car battery charges while idling. During idling, the car battery gets charged by the alternator which provides an electricity source to the battery.

Will driving a car charge the battery?

Yes, your battery is getting charged by the alternator while you are driving the car. Moreover, if you keep the RPM of your car high while driving it, your battery will charge much faster.     

How do you keep a car battery charged when not in use?

There is a very simple trick that you can do to keep your car battery charged when the car is not in use. What you need to do is to have a short drive or idling for 10 minutes once a week to keep the battery fully charged.

How long can a car battery hold a charge when not in use?

A car battery can hold a charge when not in use for up to 2 months or even more. However, this time may vary as it depends on the potency of your battery and several other factors too!

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