How Much Does Car Detailing Cost? All You Want To Know!

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost

Getting your car detailed after every few months is the best way you can keep your car in excellent condition. Moreover, getting the car detailed by a professional vehicle detailing service helps in increasing its lifespan. If you have just bought a car and you want to get it detailed then there are a couple of questions that you have your mind such as how much does car detailing cost and how often should I have my car detailed.   

Here, in this post, we will try to explain everything in detail about car detailing that you should know before actually going for one. So let’s start!

What is the difference between a car wash and a detail?

Usually, people get confused if car wash and car detailing are the same things? The answer is a no! Actually, the difference between the car wash and car detailing is not only related to the cost but it is much bigger than that.

In the car washing process, your car gets run through the cleaning machine and get washed with brushes, while later on dried with air driers. On the other hand, Car detailing is much more than a normal car wash. The car detailing process involves a lot of things that include everything from hand washing of vehicle and tire cleaning to waxing, interior polish, and removal of minor dents.  

Moreover, car wash costs you cheaper than car detailing and also takes less time to be done than car detailing which usually takes 4 to 6 hours.  

What Are The Types Of Car Detailing?

There have been two basic types of car detailing service that are:

– Basic Detailing:

Basic car detailing is ideal for those who just want to touch up their car without making things complex while keeping everything under budget. In a basic auto detailing package, you will get hand wash cleaning, waxing, interior vacuuming, cleaning of tires, and polish of the car’s interior that includes windows, mirrors, dashboard, etc.   

– Complete Detailing:

Complete detailing is recommended for those who want to give their car and brand new showroom like look and also have a reasonable good budget for it. A complete detailing service package includes the entire interior detailing, advanced-level waxing, removal of dent marks, cleaning of leather upholstery, underbody wash, tire cleaning, engine cleaning, and much more.  

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Car Professionally Detailed?

Fortunately, car detailing won’t cost you that much and is quite affordable especially when considering the effort that is required to do it. The cost of getting a car professionally detailed is highly dependent on a number of factors that include conditions of the vehicle, size of the vehicle, and time that requires by the vehicle to get detailed. However, the most important of them all that significantly affects the cost is the size of the vehicle.

The normal cost that it takes for a small to medium size car to get detailed professionally is somewhere around $50 to $125. For a large size car, the detailing cost would be around $75 to $150 but it could be even more, depending on the detailer from which you are taking the service.   

Moreover, the cost of the auto detailing will increase if you will add extra services to it such as paint job, engine cleaning, steam cleaning of car’s interior, etc. In case, if you are opting for additional detailing services then make sure to have an extra budget of around $150 to $200 to get all the things done perfectly and professionally.  

How Often Should You Have A Car Detailed?

Another thing that people are always asking for regarding car detailing is that how often they need to get their car detailed. Well, according to car detailing experts, you should get your car detailed after 4 to 6 months which makes 2 to 3 times per year.

However, you can increase or decrease the detailing frequency depending on the type, condition, and needs of your car. The more often you get your car detailed, the better your car will look!  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is included in a full car detail?

A full car detailing includes detailing of all non-mechanical components of a car. This also includes wheels, tires, chrome trim, exterior paint, and the car’s interior such as seats, carpets, etc.      

Is detailing a car worth it?

Yes, detailing a car is definitely worth it and you should get your car completely detailed to make it look if it’s just got out of the showroom. Getting your car detailed by a professional detailer will make your car free from debris, dust, and clutter. Furthermore, car details make your car look shinier that will help in increasing its resale value.

How long does it take to do a full detail on a car?

The average time it takes to get the car fully detailed is around 2.5 hours, however, it can take 4 hours and in some cases even 6 hours to get all the detail work done.

Is it worth detailing an old car?

Yes, it’s worth it to get an old car detailed! You also have the option to get your car repainted but that will cost you both time and money so it’s better to get your old car detailed for restoring the original luster.

What do professional car detailers use?

Professional car detailers use special products such as task-specified micro microfiber cloths that are color-coded, and towels to achieve impeccable detailing results. The use of professional detailing products by car detailers helps in preventing scratching, lowering friction, and easy washing & drying!

Do dealerships do detailing?

Yes, many of the dealerships offer car detailing services, however, it is recommended to go for a professional detailing shop as dealerships charge a lot for the detailing services and are often not as good as reputable professional detailers.

How much does it cost to detail an engine?

Detailing a car engine would cost you approximately $100 minimum. However, the engine steam cleaning cost can even go higher, up to $400.



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