How To Remove Swirl Marks From Car? All You Need To Know!

How To Remove Swirl Marks From Car

How To Remove Swirl Marks From Car

We all want our car paint to always look flawless and shiny as if it just get out of the showroom but it’s the s­wirl marks that ruin the appearance of your car paint. If you have lots of swirl marks on your car that is making the paint of your car look imperfect then you must be wondering how to remove swirl marks from the car. Well, in this post we will share some useful tips regarding what you can do to remove swirl marks off your vehicle surface.

What Causes Swirl Marks On Car?

Before you know how to remove swirl marks it is important that you should know what is causing the swirl marks to occur on your car paint.

Well, the most common reason why there are swirl marks on your car is unprofessional cleaning and incorrect wiping techniques. If you are not cleaning your car the right way and with excessive water pressure then you are potentially causing swirls on the paint of your car.

Some of the other common reasons why there are swirl marks on your car are:

  • Dry Towel:

Cleaning dust on the car paint with a dry towel usually causes swirls. When you clean the dirt on the surface of your car with a dry towel, the sharp edges of the dust particles cause minor scratches to the paint that ultimately results in swirl marks.  Even if you are wiping the painted surface of your vehicle with a dirty towel the consequences would be the same.

  • Automated Car Washes:

Another reason why there are swirls on your car is automated car washes that you go for to get the surface of your car cleaned. You should prevent getting automated car washes especially when you have a car with dark color paint as they can easily get swirl marks and it’s also hard to get them removed.

  • Bad Wash Routines:

Improper or bad wash routine is also a reason behind spots and swirl marks on the car. The best way you can wash your car while minimizing the odds of getting swirl marks is to start washing from the portions that are on the top such as roof, bonnet, etc. as they don’t have that much dirt. Once you are done with those portions, only then start cleaning portions that are close to the ground.

How Can I Remove Swirl Marks From My Car?

  • First, Wash Your Car!

The very first thing that you need to do to remove swirl marks is to wash your car for cleaning the painted surface. It’s important to wash your vehicle thoroughly before going for polishing or waxing and the best way to get your car washed is using a branded quality car wash soap. Once you are done washing the car, try rinsing off the excess soap, and in the end, clean the surface with a soft cleaning towel.   

  • Removing Swirls & Contaminants

Now, when you have a clean car surface free from dust and dirt, it’s time to remove swirl marks by using the best auto paint swirl remover. Below, we have featured our top 3 picks for the best swirl remover for cars that you can buy to buff and polish the paint of your car for removing scratches. Normally, it takes only a single application of swirl remover to remove all the swirls by hand application. However, if you have deep swirl marks then a single application by hand might not be enough for the job so you will need a machine polisher for it.

  • Applying A Wax Coat

Once you are done with cleaning of the surface and removing all the swirl marks, the last thing you will need to do is to restore the finish with a quality car wax. Applying a coat of your favorite car wax will not just help in protecting the paint from getting any swirl marks but also in offering a showroom like shine. Moreover, apply a car wax will get you other advantages too such as UV sunlight protection and prevention of grimes and dust from getting stick to the surface.

Top 3 Best Swirl Remover For Cars




Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

SHINE ARMOR Car Scratch & Swirl Remover

Chemical Guys COM_129_16 Scratch and Swirl Remover

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes swirl marks?

Swirl marks are scratch marks on the painted surface of your car that usually occurs due to harsh wiping off the car with a dry towel. However, there can be other reasons too such as using incorrect washing and techniques, etc.

Can you remove swirl marks by hand?

Yes, you can remove swirl marks by hand. However, you should only remove swirl marks by hand if your car paint is new or it has very minor defects. Otherwise, it is recommended to remove swirl marks of your car polisher.

How can I wash my car without swirl marks?

Power wash often causes swirl marks, so if you want to wash your car without having any swirl marks then try washing in small sections straight rather than in circular motions because that causes swirl marks. Moreover, make sure to apply as low pressure as you can while washing.

Does waxing remove swirl marks?

Well, waxing can just hide the swirl marks! When you get your car surface waxed, it only hides the swirls and scratches that you have on your paint and don’t remove them.  

Will the clay bar remove swirls?

No, clay bars are not really effective in removing swirls from the car paint as swirls are defects on the surface of the paint. Instead, you can remove the swirls by using an abrasive polish.

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