Making the Switch to Electric Cars: Benefits and Information

Many of us grew up hearing that electric cars would be the big thing of the future. Gasoline and oil would become obsolete, as electric motors took over the industry. Well we are not too far away from that future. So many major car brands are working to create more practical models of electric vehicles. In this article we’re going to go over the benefits of electric cars and why you should make the switch.

Is Switching to an Electric Car Worth It?

We want to start off by first addressing the elephant in the room: your carbon footprint. Owning and operating a personal vehicle on a daily basis increases the average persons’ carbon footprint by a large portion. Essentially, a carbon footprint is a way to measure how much waste you are creating- thus leaving behind a “footprint” on the earth’s environment. To learn more about this impact, we suggest visiting our friends at EcoKarma– a sustainable living site.​

In many parts of America, owning your own vehicle provides a freedom a reliability that’s not easy (and in some cases almost not possible) to give up.

​So if having a car is an important part of your life, than ask yourself:

​“How can I make my car ownership less of an impact on the environment?”

​AnswerWe’ve got three parts for you to consider.

Part One

Buy an electric car.


Don’t rush out and buy a new electric car today.
We know that might seem counter intuitive. We are, after all, trying to convince you to make the switch to electric cars!

However, if you aren’t already car shopping or in need of a new vehicle, it is more wasteful to go out and buy a new electric car than keeping your current vehicle.

Part Two

Buy used.

Now, if you are wanting to buy an electric car, look and consider all of your options. Buying used electric and hybrid vehicles is definitely a possibility. We honestly cannot recommend this route enough.
Not only is it going to save you money, but buying used decreases your carbon footprint and waste impact by a ton.

Part Three

Drive less.

Okay, so you’re making- or have made- the switch to an electric car. If you want to make your move even more worth it try offering to give rides to some coworkers and start a carpool. If even one of you in the carpool owns an electric car, you’re cutting out so many harmful emissions on a yearly basis!
Also, though you might be tempted to take your new electric powered wheels on some pleasure drives- opt to drive it less. Try to look into public transportation to weekend events or your daily commute.

Model and Brand Diversity

If you aren’t interested in going full electric, there are so many hybrid options out there. Common brands like Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Lexus are making their more popular models in both the traditional and hybrid motors now.

Brands like Volkswagen are launching new electric designs with their ID models. The new Chevy Bolt EV is a plug-in electric car that’s super affordable and a great starter car.

Bottom line: You. Have. Options.

Is Switching to an Electric Car Practical For Me?

Still hesitant about switching? We’re guessing you might be hung up on the look or feel of the drive.

Guess what? There are more model options out there besides a Tesla and a Prius. On the electric powered car scale- those are at two opposite ends of the spectrum.

​Benefits of Switching to an Electric Car

Those of you that are still on the fence about switching to an electrical car need to take a closer look at the benefits of electric and hybrid vehicles. We’ve got them rounded up for you.

1. Save Money

Though the up-front cost might be slightly more than you are wanting to pay- electric cars are so much cheaper to run.

2. Decrease Maintenance

They also are cheaper to maintain because there are a lot less parts. Plus a lot of warranties on new and used vehicles cover maintenance of electric parts.

3. Reduces Your Waste

As mentioned before, electric cars produce no exhaust. Reducing your emissions, means reducing your carbon footprint and your impact on our environment.

4. Safety

Many of the new electric vehicles feature much safer body styles. Also when you eliminate gas and oil, you eliminate a large risk of fire.

5. Health

Less pollution, equals better health. Not only are you not breathing in emissions, but you’re helping improve the personal health of those around you as well.

6. Bonus: HOV Lane Use

In larger urban areas, the HOV- or carpool- lane can be used by any electric car even if you aren’t carpooling. Saving money AND time? Sign us up.

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