Motorhomes in Madrid: a taste of town on the route of the swamps

The charms of the city Madrid form a claim more than enough for tourists to enjoy the capital at least a couple of days between museums, terraces, history, gastronomy and a cultural offer where something appetizing is always found. But in addition to the 600 square kilometers of the Madrid town, we have another 8,000 in the Community that go much more unnoticed than they deserve.

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We are talking about Madrid as a town, those towns that, even though they are only a few kilometers from the capital, have little to do with traffic jams and hustle and bustle. A good way to get to know them is by doing a excursion on a Bürstner from which to enjoy the journey, stops and night rest under the starry sky of routes like the one in the swampsin which we have everything in only 70 kilometers. Few kilometers but sensations from another world.

Any driver knows that the M-501 will always be the highway of the Pantanos. Starting from Alcorconwhere we can visit the Castles of San José de Valderas and the Municipal Museum of Glass Art (MAVA) which is located in one of them, we will take the M-501 to start our route and make a first stop in brunetefounded by Segovians who created settlements in the lands known as brunetas.

Take a walk around the Church and the Plaza Mayorrebuilt after the battle of the Civil War that destroyed practically the entire town, is a good contact to open your mouth and then continue to Navas del Rey, a great place for sports fans. The reason? There is several routes what can be done both on foot and by bike through this area irrigated by the Alberche and Cofio rivers, and which is also territory of the Picadas Reservoir.

Old hunting ground for monarchs and a good part of the aristocracy, both Spanish and from outside our borders, through the meadow that depended on the Valdeiglesias convent, Navas del Rey is a small oasis of nature between the Sierras de Guadarrama and Gredos that makes us forget that we are only 55 kilometers from the capital of Madrid. Some of the visits that we cannot skip are the Church of San Eugenio Obispo or the one that leads to the remains of a tower from the times of Muslim domination.

Following the M-501 we will arrive in a few kilometers to the famous st john swampthe same one that has been baptized as “the beach of Madrid”, which at this time of year is much clearer than in summer. The brave who dare Take a bath they can do it in the area known asVirgin of the New”, which has beach bars where you can have a drink before or after trying the water.

We are now very close to another point on our route, Pelayos of the Dam, surely one of the best known towns in the area. And it has its reason: surrounded by an impeccable natural environment and with the incentive of being able to visit the Monastery of Santa Maria de Valdeiglesiasfrom the end of the 12th century, Pelayos de la Presa is surely the town that brings together the most attractions.

They say that at the end of the 19th century it began to grow at great speed, going from having five houses to hosting some 30 families. And from then on, the houses continued to increase, especially from the second half of the last century, when many people from Madrid built their second homes here. Even so, at this time of year it preserves the village lifestyle, to which the pelayeros of a lifetime attest, who rest from the vacationers as soon as autumn arrives. That’s why now is a good time enjoy our burstner.

Open spaces, almost forgotten paths and that feeling of enjoying the tranquility with a different rhythm… To finish our Route of Madrid towns along the road of the swamps We still have a couple of stops left. The first in San Martin de Valdeiglesiaswhere there is also a good list of almost obligatory visits that do not disappoint: the spectacular Castillo de la Coracera, the Church of San Martín, its six hermitages or curiosities such as El Bosque Encantadoa botanical garden that is also a theme park.

And to close the route with an authentic taste of the people of Madrid, just a few kilometers away we will find Roses of Puerto Realbetween the valleys of the Tiétar and Alberche rivers and with barely 500 inhabitants who enjoy the Morales reservoir and several streams in an environment where those who enjoy nature will find a gift that there is no possible complaint about. Spring has a second paradise and in one Burtsner it’s easy to enjoy it.

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