Public transport in Madrid: the most recommended apps

The capital offers a wide range of public transport options. Train, subway, bus, bicycle … discover these apps to get around comfortably.

Like any good city worth its salt, Madrid offers a wide variety of public transport to facilitate travel for its citizens, but also for its visitors. But this great offer can also cause a little chaos by not knowing which transport is best for which trips.

Train, metro, bus … all these options are effective, although some will allow you to reach your destination earlier than others. Therefore, we wanted to make a compilation with apps (available for iOS and Android) essential to move around Madrid. Not only will they show you all the possible public transport options, but they will also recommend the fastest routes and, in some cases, carsharing, motosharing and kicksharing services.



With more than 400 million users worldwide, this app It is one of the best tools to move around the capital. You just have to choose your starting point and destination and Moovit will take care of the rest. It will show you all the possible public transport combinations, prioritizing the fastest route. In addition, you can also check the bus schedule, as well as the arrival time at your destination.

If you want to complement your route with an electric scooter, this app It will allow you to find Spin’s scooters, where it will indicate the route to the vehicle or its battery level. Later, it will redirect you to the app from Spin to complete the rental.

EMT Madrid

It’s about the app officer of the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (the bus). It is especially useful for checking the bus stops that are close to your location, as well as the waiting time until the bus arrives. There will also be no lack of functions such as route calculation.

Also, if we are at a stop and want to see additional information, we can capturar the code of the same, where we will find, among other things, alternatives in case there has been an incident. Finally, EMT Madrid also allows you to check the balance of the transport card.

Madrid Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM)

EMT night bus

It is especially useful if you are going to leave the city, because It brings together all the schedules and routes of the buses, trains and the subway of the Community of Madrid. As in the previous app, you can check the stops, the arrival time or calculate a route.

It also offers the location of the municipal bicycle rental service, BiciMAD, as well as museums and tourist offices. In addition, if you need to recharge your transport card, it will indicate where you can do it.

Here We Go

With functionalities that allow combinations of public transport and even trips with a private vehicle. Here We Go is another one of the applications that you cannot miss on your mobile phone. It also shows the different traffic incidents that may occur on its map, so that you can choose an alternative route. In addition, it offers the possibility of order a taxi from your own app.


Citymapper is another of the apps most used to move around in public transport in Madrid. One of its main virtues is its Easy to use, showing step by step the different transport options needed to reach the destination. It even indicates on the map the routes to the destination on foot, by bike or on a scooter, also adding the calories you have burned on the way.

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