Recharging An Electric Car At Home: A Complete Guide

Recharging An Electric Car At Home: A Complete Guide

Recharging An Electric Car At Home: A Complete Guide

Owners of an electric car can recharge at home. This is really comfortable, however, there are certain aspects to take into account to do it in the most appropriate way for our situation. Thus, some drivers choose to install a charging station for electric vehicles.

If we have a garage or garage, either individual or communal, this is the ideal place to do it. In addition, the government and many companies currently offer financial incentives to install these devices and charge the electric car at home easily and efficiently.

But how much does it cost to install a charging point at home? How long does it take to charge an electric car in this way? And, above all, how much does it cost to recharge the electric car battery at home? The answer to these and other questions you will find below.

How To Recharge An Electric Car

Actually, to recharge the electric car at home you can use any plug that meets certain technical specifications. However, nobody likes to wait 20 hours to have their electric car ready to start a trip, it is logical to want a better option.

As you can see, the long wait times for a full recharge are the main drawback. Therefore, we must assess the possibilities that allow us to solve it. To recharge the electric car, it is useful to know what are the types of electric vehicle chargers :

  • Install a charging station in our parking lot . This is the most comfortable option. The main drawback is that the loading speed will be slow. How much is it worth to recharge the electric car in this way? A vehicle with a 40 kWh battery and taking the price of the valley or night rate (€ 0.1431 / kWh with taxes approximately) would cost € 5.72 to fully charge. In addition, to this should be added the price of the contracted power, specific to each electricity company.
  • Use a private charging point . Although it is not about a home recharge and they are still not very common, some companies have free chargers for their employees or customers. These charging points operate at a medium speed and are usually free for workers and, sometimes, for the company’s customers.
    Use a private charging point
  • Use a public charging point . Here we find all kinds of charging points: slow, semi-fast, fast and super-fast. To make it a practical option and not have to wait too long there, it is better to use the latter type. However, faster charging also means greater deterioration of the battery.

Therefore, to recharge the battery at home efficiently, it is necessary to install a special electric car charger. At first glance, it may seem like an option out of reach for some. Fortunately, there are aids to facilitate their installation in private and community private car parks.

These financial incentives can make a difference for drivers who haven’t made up their minds.

Next, let’s see the procedure, the requirements and the possibilities that this option offers us. More and more drivers are betting on it to recharge the electric car comfortably.

How To Install An Electric Car Charger

We know that there are grants and subsidies for electric cars , also to encourage the installation of a charging station for electric cars and to defray the costs. In addition, in community car parks, grants can also include the necessary pre-installations for other future users.

Charging points, whether public or private, from 7kW to more than 100 kW can receive subsidies. The MOVES III Plan, in force since April 10, is intended to encourage the purchase of electric cars and the installation of the necessary charging point infrastructures.

 If we have decided and want to install a charging point for the electric car, we must proceed as follows: 

  1. Choose an electric company to do the installation . It is always advisable to consult with the seller of our vehicle to guide us on the type of installation of electric chargers most suitable for our model. Electricity companies have different price plans to carry out the installation, from € 500 to more than € 1,000. Of course, it is advisable to use an experienced company to have a specialized professional electrician perform the installation.
  2. Choose a power and type of recharge . This is determined by the electric vehicle that we have: the connector and the necessary power. Normally, the characteristics of a domestic installation are sufficient to recharge overnight but, depending on the vehicle and our own needs, we may have to consider other types of installation to have access to a faster charge. For example, installing Wallbox type chargers (about € 1,000 between device and installation) can optimize the process.
  3. Decide on the type of installation . Apart from using the house’s own electrical installation, a separate specific meter can be installed for this purpose. This can be useful if we want to have a higher loading speed. It may also be that we are interested, if that possibility is available, to carry out the installation using the electric meter of the neighborhood community car park. In this case, the decision of the installation must be communicated to the community of owners. Do not forget that this can be beneficial for all neighbors, because it can be proposed to carry out a pre-installation for all that, in the future, other neighbors could later take advantage of it.

Installing a charging point in a single family home is pretty easy. There is no need to carry out complicated works, as it only consists of carrying the necessary cables from the light point of the house to the parking space. Installation in a community parking lot may require more work.

To install a recharging station for electric cars in community car parks, it is necessary to notify the administration in writing and act in accordance with the ITC-52 (Complementary Technical Instruction) of the REBT.


As you can see, if we have decided to buy an electric car, we have several options to solve the problem of how to charge an electric car at home. We know that this is one of the main concerns of potential buyers, so we recommend following the instructions.

You now have a good overview of this matter. Let’s not forget that electric vehicles can help solve the mobility problems of many drivers, making travel cheaper, as well as helping to improve air quality in urban centers.

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