The 4 gas station credit cards with the most discount

They are credit cards associated with an oil company that convert% of the purchases you make with them into fuel discounts at their service stations.

Credit cards

View Repsol

Repsol plus Visa

Price: Free the first year; From the second, it costs 43 euros at BBVA, 100 euros at La Caixa.

How is: You will enjoy these immediate discounts: 3 cents / liter on e + Neotech Diesel fuels, Efitec 95 Neotech; 5 cents / liter in Diesel e + 10 Neotech and Efitec 98 Neotech; and 5% in the store, washes, Repsol lubricants and AdBlue products at Repsol service stations. Also, if you refuel more than 250 liters in a quarter, you will accumulate 2 cents / liter in a fuel check for your next refueling. You can request it at Repsol service stations (you will have to send the request by post); in the Waylet app; at the offices of La Caixa or BBVA; or on their respective websites. It is free (the first year) and you will not have to change bank or account if you are not one of these entities.

More information: – 902 136 137

Cepsa because you come back

Cepsa Because you are Vuelves Mastercard

Price: Free

How is: You will enjoy up to 6% discount at Cepsa service stations. This is distributed as follows: an immediate 3% when paying at Cepsa stations and 3% of your monthly purchases in establishments outside them (as long as it exceeds 300 euros / month). In addition, you will get an extra 1% in any establishment or online store outside of service stations. Request it at this link.

More information: – 911 046 486

Galp Solutions

Galp Solution Mastercard

Price: Free

How is: It offers you, for each purchase at Galp stations, orn 4% discount on fuel if you pay for your purchases at the end of the month; 8% if you use the card with the revolving payment method (deferring the payment up to 12 months, implies an interest APR of 14.39%). And for purchases outside the seasons, a 0.5% discount if you pay your payments at the end of the month and a 5% if you use the card in revolving mode. You can request this card at this link.

More information: – 917 146 700

BP card

BP Mi BP Visa

Price: Free

How is: With it you can get, for each purchase at BP stations, up to 9% discount on fuel if you pay for your purchases at the end of the month; and up to 12% if you configure the card to defer payments in revolving mode (implies an APR of 19.99%). On purchases outside of BP gas stations, you will get 0.1% using the card to pay at the end of the month and a 1.0% discount if you use it in revolving mode. If you are interested, you can request this card at this link.

More information: – 911 799 166

And watch out for the cards of these supermarkets


Club Carrefour/Pass

Price: Free.

As they are: With either of the two cards You will accumulate 8% of the price of your refueling at the 145 Carrefour service stations. The balance will accumulate in your El Club Carrefour account and, every three months, you will be able to spend your ChequeAhorro (quarterly bonus whose amount is valid to pay in Carrefour hypermarkets). The bad? You will not be able to use that money to spend it on fuel. Request your El Club Carrefour card at your hypermarket or at this link; You must request the Carrefour Pass here.

More information:

Alcampo card

Alcampo Oney

Price: Free

How is: You will get a direct discount of up to approx. 8 cents / liter (The discounts vary according to the service station and / or hypermarket) at any of the 34 Alcampo gas stations in our country, which will be applied to the final amount of the refueling. Contrary to what happens in Carrefour, this discount is not cumulative nor does it have to be spent in the hypermarket. Request this card at a hypermarket or at this link.

More information:



Price: 36.30 euros / year.

How is: It is a card necessary to buy in these hypermarkets (for now there are four in Spain: one in Sestao, another in Seville and two on the outskirts of Madrid: in Las Rozas and in Getafe) which, in addition, They have service stations that offer fuel at a very good price. You can go to their gas stations without being a member, but if you are, you will get an additional discount approx. 5%.

More information:

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