Car batteries and their importance. The best car batteries of 2021

Car batteries and their importance. The best car batteries of 2021

Car batteries and their importance. The best car batteries of 2021

Although car sharing trends continue to define the operation of private and public transport systems, the vast majority of Spaniards still highly value owning a car. In fact, Spain ranks fourth among developed countries with the highest number of cars per 1,000 inhabitants, with a figure of 480 vehicles. If you are among car owners, you are probably already aware of how important the car battery is to the optimal operation of your vehicle.

The batteries car do not last forever and most likely show signs of failure after four or five years, which could lead ultimately to experience several frustrating attempts to start a car with the flat battery .

Don’t let car battery problems become your source of frustration. Read on to find out which one is the most suitable for your vehicle and which are the best batteries that we can find on the market.

The Different Types Of Car Batteries

There are many doubts that car owners have about the operation of their cars. Among these concerns are the different types of car batteries and how to combine them with certain car models.

The different types of batteries and their parameters vary according to the particular car model and its specific energy needs. Here is an overview of the main types of batteries you can buy for your car.

  1. Calcium Batteries Calcium
    car batteries are lead-acid batteries that do not contain antimony on their grids. Instead, they have a calcium compound that is added to both positive and negative plaques. 
    The design of these batteries makes them easily rechargeable. Most of them do not require a higher charge voltage, but still achieve the same level of functionality as standard antimony. However, if your car is designed for an antimony battery, you may not enjoy a 100% state of charge when using calcium batteries as substitutes.
    The use of calcium batteries offers certain advantages. Among them is a longer duration of the useful life compared to others. In addition, they are completely maintenance free, which means that you do not have to incur additional costs after the initial purchase. These batteries also accept high charge rates, making them more efficient than most other car batteries.
    Experts note that calcium batteries work best in electric vehicles. However, over time, these batteries may end up becoming a common choice for many car owners.
  2. Deep cycle
    batteries Deep cycle batteries are the other most common type of car battery on the market. These are typically lead-acid batteries that are designed to offer maximum capacity when used. Cells can deep discharge regularly, making the most of the batteries’ capacity. They provide energy for a longer period of time.
    Deep cycle batteries are preferred by many users as their performance is higher than other cells, which offer short and high bursts of current when starting the batteries. Its plates are much thicker than normal batteries.
    Deep cycle lead-acid batteries fall into two categories. On the one hand, there are flooded batteries and, on the other, lead-acid batteries with regulating valve. Depending on the power needs of your car, the deep cycle battery can discharge several hundred total discharges, which is unusual for most normal car batteries.
  3. Wet cell batteries
    When shopping for a car battery, you can consider wet or flooded batteries. They contain a combination of lead, sulfuric acid, and water that create electrolytes for energy.
    Compared to the other types of batteries, these are cheap car batteries. The fact that they are the most affordable type of battery is due to the fact that they require regular maintenance. Water must be added to the battery periodically, with the convenience limitations that this implies.
    They are the original types of rechargeable batteries that were used in the past in most cars. But, over time, these batteries have lost ground to the increasing demands for energy efficiency in most modern cars. Hybrid and electric vehicles are unlikely to use wet cell batteries.
  4. AGM Batteries AGM
    stands for batteries that use Absorbed Glass Mat technology.
    AGM batteries came on the market as an innovative attempt to meet the high energy needs of modern vehicles and are an effective solution to the perennial problem of energy inefficiency.
    They are comparable to flooded lead-acid batteries. The only difference is that the electrolyte in the AGM is absorbed by glass fibers. This configuration is the opposite of that of wet batteries, in which the electrolyte freely floods the plates.
    All AGM batteries have a VRLA design. The coil is equipped with a valve regulator that controls the pressure. Also, it should be noted that there are two types of VRLA batteries: AGM and GEL batteries. A gel car battery works best in deep cycles, while an AGM provides short bursts of power. In both cases, they are sealed batteries, which means that they do not require any type of maintenance. The downside to this is that if your battery starts to develop problems, the only thing you can do is replace it.
  5. EFB Batteries EFB
    stands for Enhanced Flooded Battery.
    Modern cars have a great demand for energy that many batteries cannot satisfy. The EFB car battery provides a timely solution to this concern, meeting the needs of these vehicles.
    This type of battery is an improved version of the flooded or wet batteries that were used previously. EFB batteries guarantee higher performance and lifespan compared to traditional batteries. If you’ve wondered what might be the best batteries for your car, the EFB battery offers you the durability and energy efficiency you want.
    The EFG battery is superior when compared to other types of batteries, being able to perform up to a maximum of 85,000 engine starts.
  6. Ion-Lithium batteries
    This type of battery is very common in hybrid and electric vehicles. They are light and their energy storage capacity is very high. However, they have a shorter lifespan than other car batteries.

Buying A Car Battery: Factors To Consider

When buying a car battery, in addition to the type of battery, it is advisable that you take into account the aspects that we list below.

  • Dimensions and Fitting
    The battery needs to be sized appropriately to fit properly in the battery tray. This assumes that it is the correct length, width and height, as well as the correct terminal arrangement. You can consult your owner’s manual or the mechanic if you are unsure of the battery’s characteristics and fit.
  • Power requirement
    Your car requires a certain starting power in order to get going. You can find these figures in your owner’s manual.
  • Cranking current Cranking
    amps (AC). They measure the starting capacity of a battery at 0 ° C.
  • Cold
    Cranking Current Cold  Cranking Amps (CCA) is a value used in the battery industry to define the ability of a battery to start an engine at low temperatures. It refers to the number of amps that a 12V battery can supply at -18ºC for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts. This figure is especially important if you live in a cold climate.
  • Maintenance
    Car batteries are usually low maintenance, when it is necessary to add liquid, or without maintenance. We recommend that you purchase a maintenance-free battery, which is sealed for life from the factory, if you don’t want to have to worry about maintaining your battery’s electrolyte levels.
  • Storage time and freshness
    Over time, car batteries deteriorate and lose charge capacity even when not in use. Because of this, do not purchase a battery that is older than six months from the date of manufacture. Most batteries carry a code indicating when they were manufactured. The letters represent months, while the numbers indicate years.
  • Warranty
    Car batteries come with warranties that are usually divided into two figures: the free replacement or repair period and the prorated warranty period, for example for the fourth and fifth year after purchase.
  • Reserve
    capacity The reserve capacity indicates the time in which a fully charged battery will be able to supply 25 A of current in an environment of 25 ° C, before it is discharged to 10.5 V. That is, the time that the The battery will continue to function if you leave the headlights or other devices on. It is desirable that the battery has at least 1.5 hours of reserve capacity.

The Best Car Batteries. Change To A More Reliable Battery!

Most drivers only look at the batteries that are available for sale when theirs stop working. However, they should inform themselves in advance about the best car batteries on the market and not wait for a broken one to change to a better one. Installing a good battery can improve the performance of your car significantly.

The market is full of battery designs and specifications, so without a proper understanding of batteries, their types, and their pros and cons, we could get lost without finding one that fits our needs. Therefore, we have prepared a summary of the brands that offer us the best car batteries of 2021.

If you are looking for the best for your vehicle, it will be worth investing in one of the great models that these brands of car batteries put at our disposal.


Bosch - best car batteries

Bosch has shown why it remains one of the world’s leading car battery manufacturers. It offers a wide range of high-quality batteries for vehicles of all types. All are equipped with industry-leading components that provide long-lasting continuous power and optimal performance in virtually all conditions and are compatible with the cutting-edge technology found in many of the newer vehicles. These batteries are optimized for start / stop operations.

The Bosch S4 008 (12 V, 74 Ah, 680 A), S4 010 and Bosch S5 A08 AGM (12 V, 70 Ah, 760 A) batteries are among the best of those offered by the brand.

Bosch, the German manufacturer, is a serious contender for the best car battery brand in terms of specifications and rugged construction. The brand manufactures its batteries in four lines, S3, S4, S5 and S6 AGM. With the exception of the S6, the other variants are lead-acid batteries.


Best car batteries - Varta

Varta batteries represent one of the best battery products in the world. They are manufactured by Johnson Controls. The variety of products is unsurpassed and is divided into three quality ranges for the assembly of car batteries:

  • Varta Black Dynamic : batteries recommended for cars with lower power requirements that were manufactured before the year 2000. They are a reliable and maintenance-free option that presents an excellent balance between price and quality.
  • Varta Blue Dynamic : these batteries have a higher performance than the black range, offering maximum power for the car in conventional start and stop operations for many times in the same trip. Varta Blue Dynamic EFB N70 (12 V, 70 Ah, 760 A) and Varta Blue Dynamic E11 (12 V, 74 Ah, 680 A) batteries are the choice of drivers who need extra power and constant performance, especially in winter. 
  • Varta Silver Dynamic : they are the highest batteries in the range and offer maximum power in the situations that require it. They have AGM technology and provide three times the number of cycles. Highlight the VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM F21 (12 V, 80 Ah, 800 A) and VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM E39 (12 V, 70 Ah, 760 A) batteries, suitable for cars with Start-stop technology and regenerative braking systems .


car battery brands: Magneti Marelli

The Italian manufacturer has an extensive line of batteries that are characterized by their good performance in terms of performance and technology, their durability and high resistance to cycles and the numerous discharges to which they are subjected during frequent starts. Includes product ranges for Start-stop applications, car batteries, truck batteries and original equipment (OE) parts.

The Magneti Marelli 12 V, 80 Ah, 730 A battery stands out for its high starting power that makes it a high-end product, suitable for those looking for high energy efficiency.


With more than 100 years of presence in the automotive industry, the German brand HELLA is synonymous with proven quality and innovative technology. It works in collaboration with OEM car manufacturers.

The HELLA battery range offers the most reliable power supply needed to start your car engine and provide the demanding voltage required by today’s technologies. They are able to withstand very hot climates, while adding that extra energy necessary for demanding urban driving.


It is a well-known German brand under which a wide range of components for engines, filters, batteries and other car parts is sold. It belongs to the company MAHLE GmbH, one of the main suppliers of automotive parts for groups of cylinders and pistons for companies engaged in the production of internal combustion engines.


Best brands of car batteries: MAPCO

MAPCO is a German manufacturer whose products have been present on the European market for more than 20 years. During this time, the company has built a very good reputation for its reliability and high-performance products. Today, MAPCO’s product range includes more than 12,500 automotive components, including car batteries, such as the MAPCO 105052 (12 V, 52 Ah, 540 A) and MAPCO 105063 (12 V , 63 Ah, 640 A).


VDO’s powerful AGM batteries have unrivaled performance and endurance and represent a perfect solution for any vehicle with a Start-stop system, even the most sophisticated ones, with a braking energy recovery function. The maintenance-free and durable AGM battery, with absorbent fiberglass mesh, allows to extend at least three times the useful life of batteries compared to conventional ones. It also offers optimum cold start performance and high market coverage with a low number of interest rates.


There is nothing more annoying than starting your day with the problem of a dead battery. Most of us don’t think of a new battery until we have a problem with the current one.
Remember that the battery is the heart of your vehicle and if you understand the different types of car batteries and how they work, you will no longer be inexperienced at understanding how a car works.

It is very important to become familiar with all the car batteries that are available on the market, as there are great options that could save you a lot of time and effort. It is also essential to purchase a battery from trusted brands like the ones we have introduced to you in this article and make sure your choice represents your budget and goals and your car will thank you.

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