The warning of the DGT on the tricks to not test positive in a blood alcohol test

The DGT has issued a message on social networks to raise awareness that certain “tricks” do not work to avoid a drug or alcohol control.

Alcohol controls are one of the most popular aspects in Internet, social networks, emails… And more specifically everything related to the alleged tricks to not test positive, despite having drunk. However, most of these tricks are hoaxes without any basis, as reported by the DGT itself.

And the fact is that, although breathalyzer tests are not to the liking of all drivers, the truth is that they have helped a great deal to improve the safety of all drivers, in combination with other dissuasive court measures. Proof of this is that, in 2020, the highest figures were recorded. casualties in traffic accidents since these figures began to be recorded. Also, in 2021, this downward trend continued, although with a small rebound caused by the return of cars to Spanish roads after the pandemic.

What are the “tricks” to avoid testing positive according to the DGT?

In any case, many drivers continue circulating under the influence of certain substances, pretending not to test positive if they come across this test on their trip. For this reason, and after years living with this type of “test”, there are many myths that have been said to try to overcome them and not test positive.

Given this, the DGT published a tweet on social networks to raise awareness that certain “tricks” do not work to avoid a drug or alcohol control.

Surely, and as well-known legends that they are, some of these tricks will have reached you. And although it is known that they do not work, there are many who continue to try, in order to avoid a well-deserved fine. As the tweet shows, among these options we find:

  1. wait 1-2 hours
  2. Take coffee beans, energy drinks, lemon
  3. Drinking water
  4. Do sports or sweat
  5. Sleep for a while

Given this, the DGT recalls that “it only works” to test negative and not consume any of these substances. under the term ‘ZeroRisks’the General Directorate of Traffic wants to remind drivers that the safest way to drive is not to take any substance that could affect their driving.

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