Volkswagen confirms the development of a new pick-up and an electric SUV for the US market

Following the tastes and needs of the US market, Volkswagen has just confirmed the launch of two new 100% electric models that will be marketed under the Scout brand.

Over the next few years, Volkswagen will carry out a strong commitment to strengthen its presence in the North American market. To face this new adventure, the German brand will launch a new manufacturer called Scout. With a nod to the past, Volkswagen will bring back the term that gave its name to one of the most famous off-roaders of the 60s and 70s in the United States. A marketing strategy that goes through knocking on the doors of nostalgia to give a boost to sales.

scout will be an independent company specializing in the design, development and production of electric SUVs. Its operations will focus exclusively on the North American market. As confirmed by Volkswagen through a statement, the first two models that will be born under the umbrella of this brand will be a pick-up and a allroad. Although the first prototypes will be unveiled early next year, the start of production of both models is not scheduled until 2026. Among its rivals, we find proposals of the stature of the GMC Hummer EV, Ford F-150 Lightning or Chevrolet Silverado EV.

Volkswagen confirms the development of a new pick-up and an electric SUV for the US market

The actual CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess, has publicly expressed his hopes for this project: “Following Volkswagen’s successful turnaround in the US, we are taking the opportunity to further strengthen our position in one of the fastest growing markets for electric vehicles. Electrification provides a historic opportunity to enter the highly attractive pickup and R-SUV segment as a group, underscoring our ambition to become a relevant player in the US market.”

The popularity of the truck and SUV segment in the US is an excellent opportunity for the Volkswagen Group to increase its market share in this area. To do this, the German conglomerate sets an ambitious goal of achieving 10% of that niche and reaching sales of 250,000 units per year. In this way, Arno Antlitz, CFO Volkswagen AG, has noted the following: “The company we will establish this year will be a separate unit and brand within the Volkswagen Group that will be managed independently. This is in line with the new management model of the Group: small units that act with agility and have access to our technological platforms to take advantage of synergies”.

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