What is the necessary documentation to pass the ITV?

All those vehicle owners who want to pass the inspection must present mandatory documentation. We tell you what you should bring.

The entry into force last year of the new regulations of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles -ITV- has meant a more exhaustive control. That is why it is not enough for our vehicle to comply with the dictated requirements. All those owners who want to pass the inspection successfully must also provide a series of mandatory documentation.

  • The Datasheet, also called ITV card (if we have previously passed the ITV).
  • The circulation permit of the vehicle (from the station they can access it telematically)
  • Accreditation of the Obligatory insurance (in some cases, they can check it electronically at the station itself).
  • In some provinces, the DAYS of the vehicle driver.

Special situations

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There are special situations that are taken into account when passing the ITV. This is the case of vehicles that have suffered an accident where any safety element of the steering, suspension, transmission or braking systems has been affected… or the frame or self-supporting structure at the anchor points of any of these organs. These vehicles must be presented for inspection before being put back into circulation if so indicated by the agent of the authority in charge of traffic surveillance.

In these cases, the vehicle’s circulation permit will be intervened, sending it to the Provincial or Local Traffic Headquarters where the vehicle has been registered. If the inspection is favorable, upon presentation of the report, the circulation permit will be returned.

Also, there is a special situation if there is a change in the destination of the vehicle, in which case an inspection must be carried out, noting the new destination and the new inspection date on the ITV card.

More information

Company vehicles. If the vehicle that must pass the ITV is in the name of a company or entity, the CIF of the same must also be presented at the station.

Workshop certificate. For those who are going to modify their vehicle, they should know that when a major reform is carried out, it is necessary to carry out a homologation project and also have a workshop assembly certificate. Once the ITV is to be passed, this workshop certificate must also be submitted, duly completed and signed.

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