What Kind Of Scratches Can Be Buffed Out?

What Kind Of Scratches Can Be Buffed Out?

What Kind Of Scratches Can Be Buffed Out?

Scratches on the car surface are something that is nothing new for someone who owns a car and drives it on regular basis. No matter whatever you do to prevent those ugly scratches they still somehow occur on your car. However, removing them is a challenge since you can’t take your car to the detailing shop every month whenever you get scratches as it will cost you a lot and you don’t want to spend that much, so what’s the alternative solution then? Well, buffing out car scratches is a solution that most car owners or drivers go for to remove scratches from their car. But the real question is what kind of scratches can be buffed out?

In this post, we will take a look at the scratches that can be buffed out and those that can’t. Before we begin let’s discuss a little about what car scratch buffing actually is and is it a good option to go for the buffing solution to remove scratches. So let’s start:

What Is Buffing Out A Scratch?

Buffing out scratch is a technique that is used for removing scratches that appears on the painted surface of a vehicle. The buffing process involves polishing or rubbing compounds to remove scratches. In buffing, a thin layer of paint from the vehicle surface is removed that also takes scratches and swirls along with it, ultimately leaving you with a shiny, flawless, and smooth paint surface.  

What Are The Types Of Car Scratches?

  • Clear Coat Scratch:

Usually, there is a thin layer of clear coat on the car surface that offers protection to the car’s paint from dust, UV rays, rain water, etc. If there are scratches on the clear coat that are not so deep then they are called clear coat scratches and it’s not very hard to remove them. You can even remove clear coat scratches by yourself at home.

  • Primer Scratch:

A primer is another form of protection that your car body has and the key reason for having this is to make your car surface look fresh, shiny, and smoother. If the scratch is deep enough to penetrate through the clear coat and exposed to the primer coating, ruining the body paint then it’s called a primer scratch. It’s important, to remove it as soon as possible, otherwise, it will get rust and you have to spend more on its remedy.

  • Deep Paint Scratch:

This is the worst kind of scratch that you don’t want to have on your car since it’s very severe in nature. The severity of deep paint scratches can be realized by noticing the metal sheets that are exposed under the layers. These scratches usually occur due to sharp objects or an accident and it’s really hard and costly to remove them.

How Can You Tell If A Scratch Can Be Buffed Out?         

As we have mentioned above that there are 3 basic types of scratches. However, the real question is what kind of scratches can be buffed out? Well, the answer is pretty simple!

One can remove clear coat scratches and primer scratches by buffing as they are not that severe and are also not that deep. Moreover, buffing out these scratches won’t take long and also won’t be costly.

However, if there are deep paint scratches on your car surface then it’s hard to get them buffed out since they are so intense that a normal buffing with waxing and polishing compound won’t be good enough. To remove deep paint scratch, you need to go for other detailing options other than buffing such as painting, etc.    

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does buffing remove deep scratches?

Well, buffing with a strong scratch removing compound is good enough to remove minor or medium scratches from your car. However, if the scratches are really deep then you can’t completely remove them with buffing. You have to go for some touch-up painting options to fix deep scratches.

How Much Does It Cost To Buff Out Scratches?

The cost that it takes to buff out scratches varies depending on the intensity of the scratch. If you want to buff out a clear coat scratch then it will cost you somewhere around $150 and $300. On the other hand, if you want to buff out deep paint scratch the cost can go up to $900.

How Long Does It Take To Buff Out A Scratch?

Buffing out minor scratches does not take much longer time. However, if there are a lot of scratches on the painted surface of your car and that too of deep nature then it can take up to 3 to 5 days to buff out the scratches completely.

Do Scratch Repair Pens Work?

Yes, scratch repair pens work great and they are really effective in removing clear coat scratches. Not just scratch repair pens are effective in removing scratches but they are easy to use and also won’t cost you very much.

Can You Touch Up Scratches On A Car?

Yes, you can touch up scratches on a car, however, that depends upon how serious scratches are. If the scratches are minor and shallow then you can easily touch up them by using a wax and quality compound. Remember that this method works only for clear coat scratches. For anything more than that, touch-up won’t work.

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