6 Reasons Why Your Car Shakes When Braking? A Brief Guide

Car Shakes When Braking

Car Shakes When Braking

As car owners, we all have observed car shakes when braking and it is something that we usually don’t give much attention to. However, it is something that you need to be concerned about since anything about a car braking system that can be an issue is a serious safety concern that you can’t simply ignore.

There can be a number of issues that are causing your car to get shakes when the brakes are applied. To correctly identify the reason behind the shaking of your car you first need to analyze the symptoms that your car is showing and then to call a certified vehicle mechanic that can inspect the underlying problem professionally to resolve the issue of the car shaking upon braking.   

Why Is My Car Shaking When I Press The Brakes?

There can be several possible reasons why your car is shaking when you apply brakes. However, the most likely reason why your car is shaking when you brake is the braking system itself. There can be many other reasons too but the most common ones are somehow related to the braking systems of the car. Here below are some of the regular problems that might be causing your car to shake when braking.

1. Worn Brake Pads:

Worn Brake Pads

On average, a brake pad usually lasts about 50,000 miles, however, it can be more than that depending on how you drive, and many of the other factors. Sharp stabs and hard stops can significantly affect the health of your brake pads.

In case, if have a worn brake pad then it can cause a vibration feeling and you will also experience that your car starts shaking as you apply the brakes.

2. Warped Brake Rotors:

Warped Brake Rotors

In a car’s braking system, brake rotors play a very important part. The pressure is applied to the brake pad by the brake caliper that clamps down on a brake rotor. When an unusual pressure is applied to the rotor by the brake caliper and pad then it eventually results in warped brake rotors. Another reason why warped brake rotors occur is that the rotors become so hot that the metal of the rotors become distorted. This causes the car to shake when the brake is applied to the warped rotor because the metal is no longer straight.

3. Stuck Brake Caliper:

Stuck Brake Caliper

If a brake caliper is stuck or seized then there are chances that your car is getting shakes due to that reason especially when you apply brakes. You need to lubricate the brake system to fix the stuck brake caliper issue. In some cases, you may also need to remove the brake pads for applying grease to the edge for fixing the issue.   

4. Unbalanced/Out Of Alignment Tires:

Unbalanced Out Of Alignment Tires

One of the main causes, why your car is shaking other than issues in the braking system is due to out of alignment tires. When the tires of your car become unbalanced, it results in the steering wheel to shake. If the situation gets worsen then you might face it quite tough to get control over your car while driving. To resolve this issue, make sure to get all the tires aligned to prevent any accidents due to shaking.  

5. Clogged Transmission Filter:

Clogged Transmission Filter

The transmission filter in a car is something that needs to be changed after a few thousand miles. If you don’t change the transmission filter then it will get clogged and your car may experience shakes during the drive. You need to jack up the car and for removing the fluid, using a drain plug. Moreover, you have to remove the bolts and clean off the debris and dirt from the gasket seals.

6. Air Trapped In The Brake Lines:

Air Trapped In The Brake Lines

If air somehow gets into the brake lines then it can also cause the car to shake when you apply brakes. The air in the brake lines produces irregular pressure across the brake pads and calipers. Due to the unusual pressure, the car will start shaking whenever you will apply the brakes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it bad if my car shakes when I brake?

If your car is experiencing shakes when you apply brake then it is not something that is good. When you drive at high speed and your car started shaking when you suddenly apply break then it means that your wheels are out of alignment that is causing the unbalancing and this ultimately may cause an accident especially when you are driving at high speed.     

What causes vibration when braking at high speeds?

One of the possible reasons why your car is getting vibration when braking at high speeds is due to damage to the brake rotor. Another reason could be the unbalanced tires of the car that cause the whole car to shake when you apply the brake.

Can Unbalanced tires cause vibration when braking?

Yes, unbalanced tires are one of the most common reasons why your car might be experiencing vibration. If the tires of your car are unbalanced then you can feel the vibrational effect through the car’s steering wheel and this vibration will get increased with the increase in speed.

Is it safe to drive when your car is shaking?

If your car is shaking excessively during the drive then it is something that you should be concerned about. There can be a number of causes why your car is shaking. No matter what the actual cause is, it is never safe to drive a car that is shaking!  

Can A Bad Ball Joint Cause Shaking When Braking?

Yes, a bad ball joint can cause shaking when driving. A ball joint that is in damaged condition can cause the steering wheel to excessively vibrate especially when braking is applied frequently.

Is Brake Shudder Dangerous?

Yes, brake shudder can be quite dangerous. The reason behind it is that you don’t have a balanced braking pressure and that will affect your stopping distance.   

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